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I'm Aida, a photographer & podcaster. I specialise in European intimate weddings and elopements. I provide overwhelmed wedding photographers with the inspiration, tools and resources needed to build a thriving brand and business. Click here to read more.
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  • What are the upsides of having a winter wedding?

    You have that engagement ring on and the next question is: what is the wedding date? It is true, the majority of the weddings that I photograph take place in the summer, with a few spread out pretty much evenly between spring and autumn. But a winter wedding, that is a rarity – which is…

  • Should I have an unplugged wedding, or not?

    In the past couple of years, there has been a lot of push in the wedding industry for unplugged weddings – weddings where guests are requested to turn off their phones and cameras for the ceremony or entire wedding. Although it is entirely up to you, I would just like to provide you with my…

  • Nina in Hamburg

    This girl is a natural in front of the camera! And Hamburg is a city that just stole my heart! This shoot gave me an opportunity to explore portrait photography a bit more. I wanted to insert an edgy mood to the look and feel and play around with the prisim. Would love to hear…

  • Role Reversal – I Am In Front of the Lens

    When we were in Denmark last week, we decided to do a shoot at the sand dunes near Skagen. It was a lot of fun to experiment a bit and test how it feels to be infront of the lens for a portrait shoot. As you can tell, it was VERY windy, but I feel…

  • Modern Elegance

    The videography workshop with the WeddingPilots on April 1st was amazing! They had the talented Marco Dück on board to film the event. A big thank you to Victoria Rüsche for providing the gorgeous dress and Jessy Nitsche for doing the styling.

  • Jasmin & Dejan

  • Leonie


  • Rebecca & Simon


  • Heidi & Family


  • Michaela & Family


  • Nina & Björn


  • French Chic

        On a cold winter morning I made may way to the Konzerthaus in Ravensburg to collaborate with a number of talents from the wedding industry. We were fortunate to land such a beautiful model, Seada, who was able to bring our vision to life! A very BIG thank you to every single one…