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EP 65. Mise-en-place: The Ultimate Principles of Organization

In this episode, I am going to share with you how we can use mise-en-place to help us run a wedding photography business by becoming more organized and effective in your business.

EP 64. Joséphine Elvis: Photography Workshops, Conferences & Styled Shoots

In this conversation with Joséphine Elvis, we chat all things photography workshops, conferences and styled shoots. We also talk about the importance of representation and diversity in the wedding industry.

EP 63. Cat Ekkelboom-White: Build a Sustainable Photography Business

Have you taken the time to consider different aspects of sustainability that takes not only the environment, but also the people and their cultures into consideration. This episode with Cat is a great starting point in your journey to becoming more intentional in terms of sustainability moving forward.

EP 62. Wedding Photographers: Getting Ghosted?

The phenomenon of “ghosting” can leave photographers feeling disheartened and uncertain about how to proceed. In this episode, I provide you with actionable steps to overcome this obstacle and build stronger connections with potential clients.

EP 61. Kelsey Christine – Experience Page for Photography Websites

How well is your wedding photography website converting? Could it be that there is a missing piece? Perhaps the answer is to add an Experience Page! Kelsey Christine is here to walk us through of creating a strategic Experience Page to lead our dream clients to inquire with us.

EP 60. Carolina Guzik – Content Marketing for Wedding Photographers

There is the old way of blogging, where you just share images of the wedding day and tell the story of the couple. And now there is a new way of blogging which is content creation. The content that you create should be geared towards attracting new clients to your wedding photography business. Carolina shows us how!

EP 59. Maddy Shine – Get Visible, Get More Clients
as a Wedding Photographer

Are you experiencing social media fatigue and hesitant to keep showing up online to promote your business? In this episode, Maddy Shine helps us overcome our objections and gives us advice on how to generate more inquiries for our wedding photography business by inserting our personality into our marketing.

EP 58. Amir | Pic-Time – AI-Powered Blogging & Photo Search

Amir and I talk about all the new AI-powered features on Pic-Time that are helping photographers improve the experience for their clients, market their business via blogging and make more money through print sales.

EP 57. Book More Weddings in 2024 – Aida Glowik & Leslie Vega

Not booking as many weddings as you usually do at this time of year?
Feeling a bit hopeless and spending a lot of money on ads without seeing any real results?
Listen to the replay of our free online workshop!

EP 56. Setting Priorities & Managing Procrastination for Wedding Photographers

As wedding photographers our responsibilities and to-dos at times feel endless. In this episode, I will discuss how you can go about determining your priorities and deciding what to procrastinate.

EP 55. The #1 Gamechanger Time-Saving Tip for Wedding Photographers

Having a wedding photography business requires managing all aspects of running a small business. In this episode, I will introduce you to a new way of looking at time-management and tips on how you can make tweaks to your business.

EP 52. Lexi Heimdal – Junebug Weddings | Getting Published & Photography Awards

If you have dreamed of getting featured on Junebug and also hope to one day win a contest, you do not want to miss this episode. Lexi gives us some true gems that will help you increase your chance of getting published and winning an award.

EP 51. Cheryl Kitchener – Unscripted App | Elevating Client Experience With Posing & Prompting

Cheryl and I chat about how utilizing posing and prompts during shoots can help elevate the experience for your clients. Especially if you are newer to wedding photography, or you are experienced and are feeling in a bit of a rut, this episode is definitely for you!

EP 50. Igor Demba – Master Editing as a Wedding Photographer

Igor Demba is a destination wedding photographer based in the UK.
In today’s episode, we chat about how he is able to achieve such a beautiful consistent look on all his images.

EP 49. Justin & Harshit – Aftershoot EDITS | AI Photo Editing

AI editing – what is it and how does it work? Today, on the podcast, co-founders of Aftershoot, Justin & Harshit, join me to talk all about how their AI software works and all the amazing features that it has.

EP 48. Leslie Vega – Rebranding Tips for Wedding Photographers

Leslie is a brand & web designer for photographers based in Florida.
In this episode, Leslie talks about the process of doing a rebrand for a wedding photography business. She has also come out with a ton of Branding Resources and Downloads for Photographers.

EP 47. Cat Ekkelboom-White – The Art of Niching Down as a Wedding Photographer

Cat is an elopement photographer and hiking guide based in Austria. In this episode, Cat talks to us about how she was able to continuously niche down in her business and how other photographers can do the same.

EP 46. Lisa Devlin – Why You Should Offer Albums to Your Clients

Lisa Devlin is a wedding and editorial photographer based in England. Lisa shares how she goes about providing beautiful albums to her clients. She explains how Pic-Time has made it so easy for her and her clients to make the process so smooth.

EP 45. The Benefits of Blogging for Wedding Photographers

Blogging is one of the most important online marketing tools that wedding photographers can utilize to reach and book their right-fit clients. In this episode, I cover the various ways that blogging can benefit wedding photographers

EP 44. Listen Before You Book an In-Person Photography Workshop!

If you are looking to attend an in-person photography workshop this year, but are not sure which one to pick, I am here to help make that decision easier for you! There are some key questions that you should ask yourself first!

EP 43. Aida Glowik & Leslie Vega: Book More Weddings in 2023

Aida shares how you can organically attract potential clients to your website (particularly using SEO), and Leslie shares how you can convert potential clients into booked, paying clients once they have landed on your website.

EP 42. Lukas Piatek – Photography Communities & Education

Lukas Piatek is a destination wedding photographer based in Germany. He is also the founder of LooksLikeFilm and Meridian Presets. His latest project, AEON University, is a platform for photographers and other creatives to learn from educators in different sectors.

EP 41. My Top 3 Tips to Generate More Inquiries Without Ads

Not booking as many weddings as you usually do at this time of year? Feeling a bit hopeless and spending a lot of money on ads? Maybe there is a better way. I share with you my top three ways to get potential clients to inquire with you without running ads.

EP 40. Hannah Gunnell – Redefining the Ideal Wedding Photography Client

Hannah Gunnell is a wedding photographer, videographer and educator based in the US. We talk about the importance of redefining our ideal client and treating our booked clients well. 

EP 39. FREE Digital Planner 2023 for Wedding Photographers

My Wedding Season Planner is a digital planner that is custom-designed to help overwhelmed wedding photographers who are feeling stressed out because they are struggling to: stay organised, keep track of their client work and reach their goals.

EP 38. Ben Journée – Getting Started With Filming Weddings

Ben Journée is a talented wedding filmmaker from New Zealand. He is also the host of the podcast “Make Better Wedding Films”. In this episode he share his knowledge on creating highlight and cinematic films.

EP 37. Aida & Tim Glowik – Shooting Weddings With the Sony A7IV

Aida & Tim are wedding photographers based in Constance, Germany.
In this episode, Aida shares her thoughts on shooting weddings with the Sony A7IV and Tim talks a little bit about the brand new Sony A7RV.

EP 36. Justin Benson – AI Photo Culling With AfterShoot

Justin Benson is the co-founder of AfterShoot, an AI photo culling software. He is also a wedding photographer and is absolutely passionate about simplifying the culling process for photographers. In this episode, he shares about the past, present and future of AfterShoot.

EP 35. Sarah Edmunds – Editing Workflow With Imagen

Sarah Edmunds is a british-born wedding and portrait photographer who is now based in Italy. In this episode, she talks about her editing workflow using artificial intelligence, namely using Imagen. She also covers her Talent Profile that other photographers can use to get their images edited.

EP 34. Aida Glowik – Dealing With Inflation & Decreased Bookings

Are you struggling to fill your calendar with bookings? Have you seen a decline in the inquiries coming in and your booking rate? Are you concerned that the increasing inflation levels are negatively affecting your wedding photography business? 

EP 33. Optimize Your Post-Wedding Workflow

Many wedding photographers feel overwhelmed & some even experience burn out during the wedding season. Do you struggle with delivering photo galleries on time to your clients during the wedding season?

EP 32. Carissa Woo: The Anatomy of Mastering a Sales Call

Carissa Woo is a Los Angeles wedding photographer with over a decade of experience and now a coach for wedding photographers. She helps her students master the dreaded sales call so they can confidently sell $4000+ packages and close the client within 24 hrs. 

EP 31. Kiyah Crittendon: Film Photography on Weddings

Kiyah Crittendon is a wedding photographer based in Atlanta and Washington DC. In this episode, she shares her journey as a wedding photographer and gives some practical tips on how to best shoot film on a wedding day.

EP 30. Leslie Vega: Brand & Web Design for Photographers

Leslie Vega is a branding & web designer for photographers based in Florida. She offers branding for the deeper, artful photographer who is ready to rebrand. She provides photographers with tips to improve their brand and web presence to attract their ideal clients.

EP 29. Nadia Meli: Aligning Your Values With Your Business

Nadia Meli is a portrait photographer currently based in the UK. She spent many years working as a destination wedding photographer before she decided to change her path because what she was doing did not feel aligned with her values any longer.

EP 28. Shayne (How I Shot This): Wedding Photography Education

How I Shot This is a platform for wedding photography education. It is one of the best places online to learn how talented photographers around the world create their images. In this episode, I have the pleasure of chatting with Shayne Thomas.

EP 27. Matthew & Jane: Styled Shoots & Model Couples

As a wedding photographer have you ever worked with a model couple on a styled shoot?
Or you are thinking about doing it in the future? This episode is for you if you are looking to learn how to best work with model couples and get some key insights from a model couple.

EP 26. Tips for Overwhelmed Wedding Photographers / Part 2

In part 1, I talked about why some wedding photographers feel overwhelmed and which negative effects might arise as a result. In part 2 of this series, I provide you with actionable steps to help you minimize feeling overwhelm.

EP 25. Tips for Overwhelmed Wedding Photographers / Part I

In part 1 of this series, I explore what might be leading you to be feeling overwhelmed. I also go over how overwhelm could be negatively affecting you and your business. I also touch upon the desired outcomes of finding ways to mitigate overwhelm.

EP 24. Digital Planner 2022 for Wedding Photographers

My Wedding Season Planner is a digital planner that is custom-designed to help overwhelmed wedding photographers who are feeling stressed out because they are struggling to: stay organised, keep track of their client work and reach their goals.

EP 23. Stacey Owen: Online Marketing for Wedding Photographers

Are you overwhelmed with the many avenues and opportunities available to market your wedding photography business online? In this episode, Stacey Owen, the founder and badass CEO of Pepper, breaks it down to help us figure out how to go about it.

EP 22. 3 Game Changer Productivity Hacks

Are you struggling to get all your to-dos done in a timely, effective and efficient manner? Constantly lagging behind can leave you feeling depleted and unmotivated. If this is you, you need to remember that it is not because you are lazy, it is most likely because you don’t…

EP 21. Nirit & Amir: Enhancing Client Experience After the Wedding

Pic-Time is all-in-one platform to deliver, share and sell prints. In this episode, I chat with the owners, Nirit & Amir, all about how wedding photographers can enhance the experience for their clients at the point of delivering the gallery and beyond.

EP 20. Rachel Greiman: Copywriting for Wedding Photographers

Good copy on your website helps you book clients that you love. But the truth is – copywriting doesn’t come as easily to some photographers. Rachel has years of experience in copywriting …

EP 19. Uplevel your Wedding Photography Brand & Business

Are you eager to bring your wedding photography business to the next level in 2022? 
Are you feeling overwhelmed in terms of where to start?

EP 18. Creating Good Habits as a Wedding Photographer

As a wedding photographer you might be struggling with taking your business to the next level and reaching your goals because you do not have the right systems in place. The good new is…

EP 17. Magic: Sony A7IV for Wedding Photographers

For about the past four years, Magic has been one of Sony’s Europe Imaging Ambassadors.
Tune in to hear our thoughts on mirrorless vs DSLRs, Sony A7IV vs Sony A7III and more…

EP 16. How to Achieve Your Personal Goals

As a photographer, you wear a number of hats in your business. It is understandable that you get so caught up in your business that you push aside your own personal goals. Nevertheless, it does not have to be this way…

EP 15. Are You Still Editing Your Wedding Images?

Can you relate? The wedding season is over, but you are still sitting at your desk editing images from the past few weddings. You have no idea how all this work piled up and how you are lagging so behind…

EP 14. The Facebook & Instagram Outage Impacts Photographers

There are some wedding photographers out there conducting their entire business on Facebook and/or Instagram. What happens if they no longer exist? It is too risky to rely heavily on a couple of platforms.

EP 13. Is the 2021 Wedding Season Stressing You Out?

Friends, let’s just say it – as much as we love wedding photography, it is not a walk in the park. Although we might get the occassional comment from a guest that we should feel so lucky that all we have to do for work is just show…

EP 12. Björn Lexius: Curating Your Portfolio & Messaging

Björn (Hafenliebe Photography), based in Germany, joins me to chat about all things curating your portfolio and honing in on your messaging to attract your ideal clients. His work is all about connection, emotion, authenticity and equality.

Man and woman leaning on a white car in the desert.

EP 11. Tinted Photography: Creative Life & Business

I am joined by Sirjana and Ben from Tinted Photography. They explain how they create memorable experiences for their couples all around the world and kindly share how they approach social media to build their brand.

EP 10. How I am Using Clubhouse as a Wedding Photographer

It has been exactly a month since I joined Clubhouse – and today I want to talk to you about how I have been using the platform as a wedding photographer. I firstly want to give a shoutout to my friend, Tash Jones from Loveluella…

EP 09. Valerie Fernandez: Cultivating Artistic Expression

I loved this conversation with my friend, Valerie, all the way from Vanuatu. Valerie works closely with her couples to create absolute magic – she describes the drive behind the images that she creates in four words: intimacy, connection, passion and vulnerability.

Man looking at the camera

EP 08. Jai Long: The Future of Wedding Photography Workshops

It was a pleasure to chat with Jai from Australia about the heart behind putting together the Wedding Photography Summit. We dive into the importance of knowing how to run a business and being ready to quickly pivot when things go south.

EP 07. Dealing With the Pandemic as a Wedding Photographer

I want to talk to you about the current state that we all find ourselves in – and yes, I mean in regards to the pandemic. The impact has been disasterous for some while only creating a dent for others – all the same, we all need to deal with a certain level of uncertainty for the upcoming year.

EP 06. Getting Organised as a Wedding Photographer

An aspect of running a business that proves to be more challenging for some than for others is being organised. As a recovering chaotic person myself, I can truly relate! I have a tendancy of being rather scattered and in need of structure and systems to…

EP 05. Frustrated With Instagram as a Wedding Photogapher?

 I think that it is safe to say that many people have a love-hate relationship with Instagram. On one hand, it is a great opportunity that can provide exposure and a chance to connect with people around the world. And on the other…

EP 04. Photographing Weddings During Covid-19

I have heard from a number of photographers that there is barely any physical distancing at the weddings they have been to and that barely anyone wears masks. The Corona virus is not immune to weddings and that we need to take the situation seriously!

EP 03. Be Mindful of Tokenism in Your Portfolio

 I think that it is safe to say that many people have a love-hate relationship with Instagram. On one hand, it is a great opportunity that can provide exposure and a chance to connect with people around the world. And on the other…

EP 02. Diversifying Your Wedding Photography Portfolio & Beyond

A few days ago, I was honored to be a panelist on a virtual photography gathering called Conference & Chill. The Inclusivity panel was hosted by Sirajna from Tinted Photography and I was joined by Tash Jones, Igor Demba, Joao Guedes, Phan Tien, and Stacey Krolow…

EP 01. The Importance of Equal Representation of Black People

 Our industry has come under intense scrutiny in the past few weeks as being very white-washed. This is evident in the images shared across the board online on social media, vendor websites, mainstream wedding blogs, print magazines and the like.