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An aspect of running a business that proves to be more challenging for some than for others is being organised. As a recovering chaotic person myself, I can truly relate! I have a tendancy of being rather scattered and in need of structure and systems to keep me on track.

In this article, I will share with you the ways in which I manage to have a grip on my to-dos and client work without losing my mind. This is not an exhaustive list, and I am constantly improving it, but it certainly helps me get stuff done in a more efficient manner, and I hope that it will help you as well!

To start off with, it is important to create a solid foundation.


Firstly, when it comes to saving, organising and accessing all your client documents, keeping them in a specific order by categorizing them according to alphabet, project or date.

You can do this on your own or invest in a Client Management Software! Such tools can help you keep track of all your client communication, contracts, invoices etc… and keep them all in one place.

Secondly, be intentional about how you save and back-up images. You never want to misplace anything and want to make sure that you can access what you need without having to think long about where it could be located – having a logical system is key here!

Thirdly, have a designated area for your equipment. There is nothing more annoying, and at times nerve-wracking like not finding one of your beloved lenses. Especially if you are a wedding videographer, you have even more gear like audio recorders, mics and all the cables that go along with it. Ideally, place your lenses, camera bodies, memory cards, batteries, chargers always in a specific spot so that you don’t always have to look for them.


Having a workflow helps ensure that you don’t miss a step in accomplishing your tasks.

For example, when it comes to dealing directly with your couples, a thought-out workflow keeps you on track when it comes to client communication from a A-Z, which means all the way from the inquiry stage to the delivery of the booked products and services.

And when it comes to post-processing images from a wedding, a workflow enables you to follow a reliable process. The steps taken from saving, culling, editing to delivering the images are always the same.

You can also include a seamless workflow into how you share images on your website, social media channels and sending them in for publication. That way, you can be consistent in blogging your work and and expanding your online portfolio on Pinterest, Instagram and whatever other platforms you currently are using.


This is so important that I want to say it three times. Templates, templates, templates.

This is a true time-saver! There is no need to repeat tasks from scratch each time when you can prepare a template for it. Not only do you save time, but you also save the mental energy that goes into making sure you have not forgotten something. This is one productivity hack you don’t want to miss out on!

Templates don’t necessarily have to be copy/paste. But you can adjust and personalise it as needed. Prime examples where templates come handy as a wedding photographer is for: emails, pricing guides, wedding guides, testimonial questionnaires and so much more!

Templates also help you keep your branding consistent. For instance, you can create templates for your social media posts – for example, when posting on Instagram Stories.

And lastly, what I use on a daily basis to help me stay on top of my game is My Wedding Season Planner! After years of searching and not finding a planner that meets all of my needs as a wedding photographer, I finally decided to create one last year with the help of my husband, Tim, and one of my closest friends, Vanessa. After a quiet summer due to the pandemic, I have been back at photographing and filming weddings the past few weeks. And my planner has been instrumental in helping me track all my client work and daily tasks. And as a mother of two, jotting down all my important meetings, thoughts etc…on paper helps me not forget anything that is important.

On top of that, it is jam-packed with extra productivity tips and ideas for the quiet season and marketing for your wedding photography business. Not to mention space to note down your annual goals, track your quarterly progress and reflect on the year.

(NOTE: Coming back at the end of 2021)

Well, I truly hope that this podcast episode was helpful in getting you organised!

If you have any questions or comments, just hit me up on Instagram @aidaglowik

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