My Favorite Wedding Trends

New year = new trends!

Honestly, I am pretty cautious when it comes to following the latest trends, because they run the risk of becoming quickly outdated. Nevertheless, trends also represent the current Zeitgeist in culture and encapsulate a modern look at the time that they are “in”. In a sense it is a catch-22, right?

I navigate my way through trends by selecting elements that represent my taste and style. I want to ensure that I don’t follow trends by mindlessly following the flock, but rather staying true to myself.

As it is the beginning of the new year, a number of wedding blogs are publishing articles predicting what the wedding trends will be this year. After reading a few them, I have compiled a few of my favorites to share with you:

For the Ladies: Pearls

One of my favorite accessories that you will often see me wearing are my pearl earrings. Pearls are just timeless and I am more than pleased to see them make a presence at weddings. Ladies, there are some stunning wedding dresses that incorporate pearls, as seen in Theia’s Spring 2018 Collection Dripping with Pearls.

For the Gentlemen: Navy Blue

Guys, you cannot go wrong with this color – it is classy and elegant. With the Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding coming up, it seems more fitting to refer to it as Royal Blue – lol. In addition, take a look at an article by Rock My Wedding “Four Trends For Grooms We’re Loving Right Now” for a variety of attire options.

For the Venue: Hanging Wedding Florals

Flowers are one of the best ways to decorate a venue – and hanging them from the ceiling, lanterns or even chandeliers makes them that more eye-catching centerpieces. This is a great opportunity to make your imagination go a bit wild – allow your creativity to take charge. Take a look at some amazing creations on Pinterest!

Now it is your turn, let me know what you would love to see at a wedding this year!