Should I have an unplugged wedding, or not?

In the past couple of years, there has been a lot of push in the wedding industry for unplugged weddings – weddings where guests are requested to turn off their phones and cameras for the ceremony or entire wedding.

Although it is entirely up to you, I would just like to provide you with my opinion as a photographer.

At times, it is tricky to get the best shots when guests stand in the way during the highlights of a wedding. For example, when the bride is walking down the aisle, or when the couple is cutting the wedding cake. It is an uncomfortable situation to be in – preparing for the shot and politely asking friends and family members to move out of the way – because I want to provide my clients with the most beautiful and memorable images.

Nevertheless, I am a fan of guests taking pictures at a wedding! Yes, it is true! I think that it is fun to enjoy the wedding from different perspectives – because, I can’t be everywhere at once. And guests are able to capture moments which are unique to them. It doesn’t matter if the pictures are taken with a phone or any other type of camera – I believe that the memories are what count the most.

Brides, if you have any further questions, please feel free to reach out to me. Fellow photographers, I would love to hear your opinions on about this topic!