Terms & Conditions

The Terms & Conditions here are in reference to booking a Clarity & Action Session with Aida Glowik, as well as to free content available on this website (i.e. podcast episodes, videos and articles).
If you are looking to book a photography session with Aida & Tim Glowik (www.aidaandtim.com), please refer to the General Terms & Conditions here.

1. Disclaimer & Liability

a) The information offered during a Clarity & Action Session as well as in the podcast, videos and articles are to educate and inform – they are not meant to be taken as professional legal or financial advice.

b) The Clarity & Action Sessions are designed under a “done-with-you” concept where Aida Glowik and the client brainstorm ideas together, gain clarity and take action steps. Meaning, Aida Glowik will give the client guidance as to how they can overcome their challenges – it is up to the client to do the work necessary to see results. Once Aida Glowik and the client have had a session, the client will receive an action plan, which they can implement into their business.

c) We do not guarantee specific results and financial earnings from the Clarity & Action Session(s) or any other free content made available on this website (i.e. podcast episodes, videos and articles).

2. Contractual Parties
The following Terms and Conditions apply to the contractual relationships between Tim Glowik (www.wedding-photography-podcast.com) including any colleagues or appointed subcontractors on the one hand (for here on out referred to as www.wedding-photography-podcast.com) and the client on the other hand.

3. Contract
Contracts between www.wedding-photography-podcast.com and the client are realised through a written agreement (= via email or in hard copy). The client accepts a written or oral offer made by www.wedding-photography-podcast.com. However, the contract becomes binding only after a written confirmation by www.wedding-photography-podcast.com is sent to the client. The Clarity & Action Session(s) take place online via video conference (e.g. Zoom).

4. Payment

The price stated on the website is in Euros (including 19% VAT).

Payments are to be made directly without deduction and exclusively to www.wedding-photography-podcast.com within 14 days of recieving the invoice.

Payment options:
a) Payment in the full amount for a Clarity & Action Session is to be made via bank wire transfer. If the money is not recieved in time, Aida Glowik is not obliged to hold the date for the Clarity & Action Session. The Session can be rescheduled for a future date when the money is recieved (please account for wire transfer delays, especially when wiring money from abroad.)

b) Payment via Paypal is available on request. Pay attention to the privacy policies and fees of third party services.

5. Cancellations / Refunds / Transfers

If you are unable to attend the Clarity & Action Session, please contact Aida Glowik latest 48 hours before your session starts via email. If you want to postpone your session (within 6 months), you can simply reschedule without having to pay extra. If you want to cancel the session, you can recieve your money back in full as long as you cancel latest 48 hours before the session starts. If you cancel within 48 hours, you will get your money back minus a 50 Euro (including 19% VAT) administration fee. You can only transfer your Clarity & Action Session(s) to another person after contacting Aida Glowik and reaching an agreement. There are absolutely no refunds after the Clarity & Action Session(s) has taken place.

6. Copyrights / Intellectual Property

Educational and informational materials (unless otherwise stated) provided by www.wedding-photography-podcast.com is protected by copyright and is the intellectual property of Aida Glowik.

It is forbidden to copy, reproduce, sell and/or redistribute these materials to third parties without written consent.

7. Information and data collection

a) in accordance with Article 13 GDPR:
Tim Glowik, Im Oberen Weingarten 8, 88682 Salem, collects personal data of the client for the purpose of executing the contract and fulfilling our contractual and pre-contractual obligations.
Data collection as well as data processing is required for the implementation of the contract (see Article 6 (1) (b) GDPR). A transfer of this collected data to third parties will not take place without explicit approval by the client. These collected data will be deleted as soon as they have fulfilled their purpose and are no longer necessary for the fulfillment of the contract and the statutory retention obligation has been fulfilled. The client may at any time request information on all personal data free of charge. For questions or requests for deletion, correction and blocking of personal data as well as collection, processing and use, the client may contact the following address:
Tim Glowik, Im Oberen Weingarten 8, 88682 Salem, mail@fotograf-konstanz.com.

b) in accordance with Article 11 GDPR:
aidaandtim.com is not obliged to identify persons photographed on its photos (for example guests at a wedding), only to provide these persons with the information contained in Articles 13 and 14 DSGVO.
In comparison to the actually required transmission of information, the identification of these persons would represent a deeper interference with their personality rights.

9. Jurisdiction, Applicable Law

The place of jurisdiction for any legal actions is in Constance, Germany. It will be governed under German law. The client agrees to these conditions.

Last updated in October 2021

If any part of the Terms & Conditions are not clear, please contact us: mail@aidaandtim.com