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Are you eager to bring your wedding photography business to the next level? A great way to start is to reflect on the past year and assess what worked well and what didn‘t. Figure out which aspects of your business recquire special attention, and focus on those points. This process and the necessary solutions will look different for everyone, so don’t look around at what other people are doing and figure out what best works for you and your business. I want you to note that the content that I provide are suggestions and advice – it is up to you to implement what best works for you and your unique situation – there is never a one-size fits all answer.

Are you feeling overwhelmed in terms of where to start? In this article, I will provide you with areas of your business that you can work on to grow your wedding photography brand and business. This year, the content that I will put out will mainly focus on expanding on these points – when appropriate, I will get guests on who will kindly share their expertise with us.

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I have picked-out three categories for you to pay attention to in order to build a thriving wedding photography brand and business:


It is important to keep your website up-to-date, informative and modern. Afterall, it is a representation of your business and plays a key role in regards to whether or not your right-fit clients will get in touch with you.

Here are five points to focus on:

i. Hone in on your brand: Take the time to reevaluate what your brand stands for and refine your brand message. How is the visual aspect of your brand reflected on your website? Do you need to make changes to your creative design in terms of your website template, imagery, logo, fonts, and colours? Is the copy on your website (in other words, the text that you write) compelling enough to keep your visitors engaged and excited enough to want to hire you?

To gain deeper insight on copywriting, tune into an upcoming episode of My Wedding Season – The Podcast (subscribe on iTunes/Spotify) that will be released on January 19, 2022 with Rachel Greiman from Green Chair Stories where she talks all about “Copywriting for Wedding Photographers”.

ii. Curate your portfolio: Show your work that best aligns with the type of clients you are looking to book. If there are galleries on your website that no longer serve that purpose, take them down. To learn more about this topic, tune into Episode 12 “Curating Your Portfolio & Messaging: Attracting Your Ideal Wedding Photography Clients” of My Wedding Season – The Podcast with German photographer, Björn Lexius.

iii. Personalise your ‘About Me’ page: Revise the text describing yourself to make it less standardised and more personal – allow your personality to shine (add photos and even a video). This is an opportunity to make an emotional connection with potential right-fit clients. This is also a great place to add client testimonials.

iv. Go over your ‘Pricing & Packages’: Review what you charge and make sure that it is in line with the value that you offer. Reasses the clarity and attractiveness of your packages.

v. Boost your SEO: Make sure that your website is SEO-optimised (improve your Google/search engine ranking). Also create a Pinterest strategy for your blogs!

Bonus: submit your work to online wedding publications to get more exposure for your work and also collect back-links to improve your SEO!


Integerating efficiency systems is wise not only for operating your business more smoothly, but also for reducing overwhelm and freeing up more time. For instance, streamling your business entails simplifying your workload using available tools that help you become more productive and ultimately serve your clients better.

Here are five areas of your business to assess:

i. Optimising your client management workflow: Are there better ways to enhance the process of taking on a new client until the point of completion? Have you gone through every touchpoint with your client? How do you manage contracts and invoices? Would it make sense to use a CRM system?

ii. Improving your editing & gallery delivery process: How can you become more efficient in the post-processing portion of saving, backing-up and editing the images? Do you use one or more presets? How do you delivery the gallery to your clients?

iii. Making use of templates and workflow automation: Which areas of your business require repetition – eliminating the need to start from scratch every single time (e.g. emails) – with the added benefit of reducing human error? In which cases can you make use of templates, that you can customise when needed (e.g. invoices)? In which parts of your business are you spending too much time on routine administrative tasks that can be taken care of by using softwares?

iv. Utilising planners: Do you struggle to stay organised? Are you having trouble keeping track of your client work and daily tasks? Would using a planner help elivate the stress of not having an overview of all your to-dos in one place?

Note: I am currently designing a digital planner (My Wedding Season Planner) specifically for wedding photographers. To be notified as soon as it is available, be sure to sign-up for my newsletter below!

v. Outsourcing: Are there aspects of your business that can be done by someone else, because they are better at it and/or quicker? Are there tasks that you dread doing? Would you consider outsourcing your editing, album design, bookkeeping etc? Would hiring a virtual assistant be the best option?


A key to having a thriving wedding photography brand and business is having happy (optimally over-the-moon happy!) clients. The weight of a hearty recommendation from clients is priceless! One of the most important jobs for wedding photographers aside from delivering beautiful and heartfelt galleries to clients is also delivering a stellar client experience.

Here are three touchpoints of the client experience journey to consider:

i. Communication & clarity: From the moment potential clients land on your website (or even social media account), are you communicating your services clearly? Are you making it as easy as possible for them to get the information they need and get in touch with you? How do you handle the booking phase (e.g. inquiry email, client meeting etc.)? What is the client experience like leading up to the wedding, at the point of delivering the gallery and afterwards?

ii. Valuable resources: How are you making the lives of your clients easier? Are you proactively providing them with the information that they are searching for in the form of blog posts, a wedding guide etc.?

iii. Client gifts: Surprising and delighting your clients is always a good idea! It doesn’t have to be anything over the top – a valuable add-on or anything to show a geniune sense of appreciation goes a long way.

I truly wish that you got real value from this article. If you have any questions or comments, the best way to get in touch with me is to send me a DM on Instagram (@aidaglowik ).
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