What are the upsides of having a winter wedding?

You have that engagement ring on and the next question is: what is the wedding date?

It is true, the majority of the weddings that I photograph take place in the summer, with a few spread out pretty much evenly between spring and autumn. But a winter wedding, that is a rarity – which is a shame actually, because winter weddings do have a lot going for them.

Here are five advantages of saying your “I dos” in the snow:

1. Romance is in the air. Winter may be cold, but it is also a perfect opportunity to get cozy with your loved one. Beautiful lights decorate the streets, and the tree branches are dusted with frost. This just sets up the scene for such sweet wedding photos.
2. You have the opportunity to decorate your wedding in such a unique manner. There truly is so much room for creativity – how refreshing. And imagine how much more memorable it will be for your guests who are otherwise accustomed to attending a wedding in another season.
3. Most vendors are available during the winter and so you can pick the cream of the crop.
4. Venues tend to be cheaper! Way to save those hard earned dollars (euros, rupees…Bitcoins)!
5. While most summer brides fret over whether or not it will rain on their wedding day, given that you plan the celebration in the mountains, you are garunteed snow! That way you can plan accordingly – I say that is a huge plus!

Having read this post, can you imagine having a winter wedding? If you have ever attended a wedding in the winter, what did you love the most?